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John Wilton Kelley is a retired teacher and former faculty member at Meten Preparatory Academy in Chengdu, China, now based in Ontario, Canada. Educated at the prestigious University of Toronto, he graduated with distinction. He is also a member of the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT).

In addition to teaching and an early role as a Junior Geophysicist, Kelley has regularly fronted various highly regarded professional development seminars during his stay in China.

Latest Role & Duties

Director of Faculty at Meten Preparatory Academy

John recently retired from his role as Director of Faculty at Meten Preparatory Academy in Chengdu, China. As Director of Faculty, he performed teacher evaluations and held regular meetings with department heads. While based in Chengdu, he also acted as a teacher-mentor for several fellow Meten Preparatory Academy staff.

His other duties included observing fellow educators' lessons, providing personal development advice, and assisting with lesson planning and preparation. The celebrated former teacher has since returned to Canada from China with a desire to pursue new challenges in a position that withdraws upon his broad managerial experiences and utilizes his extensive problem-solving abilities.

Career History

Senior Academic Advisor to the Principal at Meten Preparatory Academy

Before assuming the role of Director of Faculty at Meten Preparatory Academy, John Wilton Kelley was the school's Senior Academic Advisor to the Principal. In this advisory role, he regularly met with the President to discuss school improvement initiatives.

He also assisted in teacher timetabling, taught new faculty members Meten Preparatory Academy's policies, and gave regular presentations at staff meetings. His other responsibilities as Senior Academic Advisor to the Principal included teaching new faculty members the school's attendance and behavior recording systems.

Kelley was further responsible for compiling statistics on the student body and routinely met with parents to discuss student success and areas in which they could improve.

Chairman of the Science & Math Department at Meten Preparatory Academy

John Wilton Kelley originally joined Meten Preparatory Academy as its Science & Math Department Chairman. A role held for several years before becoming Senior Academic Advisor to the Principal, Kelley oversaw seven Science & Math department teachers.

As the department's chairman, he organized meetings and acted as a liaison with the school administration. He also oversaw the use of department funds, enrolled Meten Preparatory Academy's top students in mathematical competitions, and organized the school's annual science fair.

Elsewhere, and during this time, Kelley further taught Junior Physics, Honors Senior Physics, Honors Calculus, AP Calculus, Pre-calculus, and General Science as required.

Teacher/Tutor at Advantage Tutoring Services

Before embarking on his career at Meten Preparatory Academy in Chengdu, China, John Wilton Kelley opened “Advantage Tutoring Services,” where he taught science and math in his native Canada.

As a Teacher/Tutor at Advantage Tutoring Services, the University of Toronto graduate specifically taught Senior Physics, Calculus, Grade 11 Physics, Grade 11 Mathematics, and Grade 9 Science & Mathematics.

Northwest Territories Junior Geophysicist

Immediately following the completion of his studies at the University of Toronto and before embarking on his teaching career, Kelley worked as a Junior Geophysicist. From 1995 until September 2001, he conducted airborne electromagnetic surveys in Canada's Northwest Territories.

He then processed and interpreted geophysical survey data and met with other parties to discuss the results. He would also pre-process data from other companies at the request of their clients. During his time as a Junior Geophysicist, Kelley invented a pioneering auto-leveling program that reduced geophysical survey data processing from weeks to days and sometimes even hours.

Academic History

John Wilton Kelley is a graduate of the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. First enrolling in September 1986, he studied for his B.Sc. specialist degree in physics. He then graduated in June 1992, doing so with distinction. Kelley returned to the University of Toronto's Department of Chemistry the following year.

Between September 1993 and June 1994, he attended graduate courses focused primarily on molecular modeling. He would then go on to earn his B.Ed., graduating for the second time in June 1995. In doing so, Kelley became qualified to teach physics, mathematics, and general science.

Professional Skills

Kelley's decades of academic and advisory experience have furnished the Ontario native with an impressive range of professional skills. Among these skills are:

• Strong leadership capacity

• Excellent organizational skills

• Excellent communication skills

• Working knowledge of crucial software

• Ability to work in varied settings

• Exemplary presentation skills

• Creation of senior-level high school classes


Retired teacher John Wilton Kelley has achieved considerable success during his long professional career. Highlights include presenting Newton's laws of motion to select teachers at the University of Toronto and filing a patent for his revolutionary Gravitational Survey System and Method.

While working in Chengdu, China, he presided closely over Meten Preparatory Academy's curriculum development and implementation. Elsewhere, he ran various school events and created a new senior-level high school course called Logic, Reasoning, and Perception.

Moreover, he has earned memberships to several prestigious organizations, including the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and the Writers Guild of America. He has also created a yet-to-be-published paper introducing a Permutational Model for the Substructure of Quarks and Leptons.


• The Harry Boxen Scholarship (highest marks in 3rd-year physics)

• NSERC undergraduate research award (mathematics)

• NSERC undergraduate research award (physics)

• NSERC graduate research award (chemistry)

Charitable Involvement

John Wilton Kelley is closely involved with numerous charities, nonprofits, and other good causes. Among these good causes are various clothing, food, and toy drives. At the same time, he is a volunteer participant in multiple other annual initiatives and has previously sponsored children in need from developing countries overseas.

In addition, he is an active member of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, headquartered in New York City.

Personal Interests

Kelley enjoys a plethora of personal interests and hobbies. These interests and hobbies include amateur astronomy, watching classic movies, practicing guitar, playing golf, tackling logic puzzles, stock investing, short film production, and audiovisual editing.

He is also a passionate writer and has authored several works. These works include the children's story, The Magic Pebbles, and two screenplays – Fire on Fire and Reconcilable Differences. When not working or partaking in his various hobbies, Kelley enjoys spending time outdoors with his friends and family.


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